• Beverlyjones

    I was inspired to do this by the beauty salon episode (forgot its name). I drew Louise as Rapunzel letting down her blue hair for the Prince or Dame Gothel (The Witch), you decide.

    Edit: I’ve painted my Rapunzel figure how Louise looked with her blue wig.

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  • Beverlyjones

    Note: This fanfiction is based on a dream I had last night.

    Today, Ruby and Louise decided to do another Princess play.

    “Let’s do Sleeping Beauty!” said Ruby.

    I had come round to Ruby’s house as her babysitter. I asked if I could be a voiceover in their play, but they didn’t let me. They decided to call the Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose and for Louise to play her. She had also brought her cousin, Morris, to play the Prince. They tried for him to do a deep voice, but he couldn’t, so they asked me to do it. Finally, I could be a voiceover. The play was a success. Ruby’s Grandma came to see it, along with Ruby’s dolls. Louise had a pink dress on while playing Briar Rose.

    After the play, we made merchandise on it. I made a stick toy based on Briar Ros…

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  • Hilary James Lyall
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  • Daniellewiki


    July 16, 2019 by Daniellewiki

    This wiki has been updated. I'm the new admin and bureaucrat here, this wiki now has message walls and the features have been enabled!

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  • Emoinuyasha9

    An animated series starring a group of 6 anime characters that make an hilarious great team

    Back in their old shows a mysterious Tornado swap them away from their show for good, After the tornado they were now stuck in Antarctica in the real world together and were sent on a mission to find a lost child and send them back after they escaped Antarctica. When they escaped to europe on their way back to their old shows they relized they were unable to get back home, and chose to go on another adventure. After their adventure the whole world saw them and the they decided on 2 different choices 1. Do they go back to their old shows or 2. Should they stay together as a team. It was decided on 2 and now they were 1 team, the cat and the lion got m…

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