Carl "Grandma" Bunny is the grandmother of Max and Ruby. She is responsible for looking after Max and Ruby. She was born July 25, 1930.


Grandma is a nice grandma and she is mostly happy. She is next door to Max and Ruby and she also wear glasses. She is Max and Ruby's grandmother. She likes to have fun and has an attic full of clothes and a treasure box that has a memory picture of herself and her husband who has not made any appearances in the TV series wearing some fancy clothes to a festival. Grandma is frequently involved with her grandchildren. She loves her grandchildren equally but Max is often Grandma's confidant when she plans something special, since she knows Max can keep a secret. Even though Ruby believes that Grandma won't like Max's ideas she is always revealed to like both Max and Ruby's ideas equally, however she usually sides with Max when Max outsmarts Ruby and when Ruby assumes Grandma will love her ideas better than Max's. She once lived with their grandfather who went to an annual festival with her but since he has not appeared nor mentioned in any episodes aside from Grandma's Attic, it is presumed that he has been deceased for a while. When Ruby is out with Louise. She usually takes Max. In many episodes, Max knows more about her than Ruby.


Grandma is mostly happy. She wears a pair of transparent glasses. She has gray fur and wears a blue dress.


Grandma appears in most episodes of Max And Ruby. She often plays a major role in her appearances.


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