Louise Darling is a seven-year-old Bunny a best friend of Ruby. She has a younger cousin named Morris, who is friends with Ruby's younger brother, Max. Louise is also very good friends of Valerie.


Louise is Ruby's best friend, classmate, and fellow Bunny Scout. She loves playing dress-up games with Ruby or working together to earn a Bunny Scout merit badge. She and her little cousin Morris share the same relationships as Max and Ruby have, and she generally loves him - but some times gets annoyed with his behavior.

She shares several things in common with Ruby, which makes them good friends. They never seem to argue or fight, and has no problem allowing Ruby to take the lead on things. She is exciteable and usually in high-spirits. And also she have anger issues


Louise resembles Ruby and has the same black eyes and nose. However, her fur is brownish-red. She wears a green tartan dress over a yellow shirt.


Louise has appeared in many episodes of Max and Ruby. She was first mentioned in the pilot episode, and made her first real appearance in Max Misses the Bus.


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