This article is a transcript for the episode Max's Bedtime.


Ruby: There. Now into bed you go, Max. It's bedtime.

Max: Elephant.

Ruby: I don't know where your red rubber elephant is, Max. You get comfy while I look for it.

(Ruby searches beside the shelf for the toy.)

Ruby: It's not here.

(Ruby searches Max's you chest.)

Ruby: Hmm, I don't see it here either.

Toy Rocket: T-minus 10.

(Ruby points to Max's blankets, all curled up.)

Ruby: Look at your bed, Max.

Max: Elephant?

Ruby: I can't find your red rubber elephant, Max. You'll have to go to sleep without it. Here, I'll fix your bed. First the pillow, now the blanket. There.

Max: Elephant.

Ruby: I'll tuck you in nice and snug, and you'll fall asleep in no time. There. Good night, Max.

(Ruby walks into her room.)

Ruby: Time for bed, everyone. First, Tooth Fairy. There we are. Now Curley Shirley. Right beside Tooth Fairy. And now Rapunzel and Quack-Quack Duck. All nice and snug. 🎶Lullaby and good night, shut your eyes and sleep tight, Curley Shirley, Quack-Quack Duck, under blankets, I will tuck.🎶 Good night.

Max: Elephant?

(Ruby gets up.)

Ruby: Max, what are you doing?

Max: Elephant.

Ruby: I don't know where you put it, Max. You can sleep without your red rubber elephant, Max.

Max: Elephant. Elephant?

Ruby: Max? Okay, Max, here's Walkie-Talkie Bear.

Walkie-Talkie Bear: Hello.

Ruby: He's fuzzy and warm, and he'll help you go to sleep. Good night, Max.

Walkie-Talkie Bear: Hug me. Good Night. Max: Elephant. Elephant?

Ruby: Max?

Max: Elephant?

Ruby: Okay, max, here's Polly Pig. She's pudgy and cuddly. She always helps me go to sleep. Good night, Max.

Max: Elephant. Elephant.

Ruby: Okay, max! Try my Slinky Snake! It'll help you relax, Max!

Max: Elephant!

Ruby: Oh, Max. Max, I go to sleep every night with these toys.

Max: Elephant!

Ruby: All you have to do is arrange them around you, and you won't even notice your elephant isn't there. Walkie-Talkie Bear goes here, Slinky Snake goes at my feet, Quack-Quack Duck goes beside Polly Pig, and in no time, I'm fast asleep.

(Ruby begins to sleep. Max falls off his bed and spots his elephant under it.) Max: Elephant! Elephant. Ah. Good night, Ruby. Elephant.