Morris is the 3 year old cousin of Louise and he is the best friend of Max.

Morris does not speak too much and he also is shorter than Max.


Morris is a young bunny wearing small green overalls. His fur is the same colour as Louise's, because the two are cousins. He is a recurring character in the series, appearing in several episodes of Max & Ruby. He is best friends with Max and he acts like he is Max's sidekick, when he mostly helps out with Max's projects and ideas. Although Ruby and Louise want Max and Morris to play somewhere else, or to not ruin their plan or project, Max and Morris both work together to outsmart Ruby and Louise. He does not know Roger.


Morris has brown-orange fur and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. He wears green overalls.


Morris has appeared in many episodes of Max & Ruby. His first appearance was in Max Meets Morris.


  • Cameron Ansell (seasons 2–5; 2003–2015)

  • Nicholas Fry (seasons 6–7; 2016–present)


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