Roger Piazza (Birthday: January 1, 1997) is a supporting character throughout the series. Ruby and Louise admire him.


Roger is "almost seven and a half" years old (as stated in Roger's Choice). He treats Max like a little brother and is into basketball, football, sledding, hockey, and toy racing cars (to Ruby and Louise's dismay). Roger has a cameo in the episode "Max's Rocket Run" where he sleds down the biggest sledding hill, Rocket Run with a large group of bunnies, three days after Christmas which is his first appearance. Louise and Ruby are infatuated with him. In the first two seasons all he ever says is "Uh-huh" and "Uh-uh", but speaks completely in season three and season four. He often helps his father at his store and helps out with Max and Ruby's projects.

Source: Wikipedia


Roger has brown fur, blue pants and is usually seen wearing a navy blue basketball jersey. 


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