Ruby's Merit Badge is an episode of Max & Ruby from season one.

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Bunny Scout Ruby tries to earn her very first merit badge. Max helps Ruby get her badge only it's not the one she expected.


Louise comes over to see Ruby before Bunny Scout Leader comes to take them to Bunny Scouts. Ruby looks at all Louise's merit badges: Citizenship, Hiking, Beekeeping, and First Aid. Ruby says that the First Aid Merit Badge is the one she wants to earn so Louise decides to help Ruby practice First Aid before Bunny Scouts. Max asks for a popsicle but Ruby says that she'll get him one later. Max tries to get one himself but he can't reach the freezer.


  • In the 25th episode of Max & Ruby, Max's Birthday, Max recieves a wind-up lobster toy. This toy is shown in this episode, though it aired nine episodes before Max's Birthday.