Ruby (Birthday June 7, 1997) is a bunny who lives with her younger, three-year-old brother Max. She was originally seven years old, but turned eight in the episode "Surprise Ruby".


Ruby is a smart and curious bunny. She is very responsible and prefers order and logic when doing anything. She has a motherly nature, in that she watches over Max and only wants what is best for him but at the same time, as his older sister she can come off as being bossy or strict or overprotective eg. She and her best friend, Louise took Max's favorite toy without asking him. She handles Max with the best of her capabilities but often finds herself surprised by him, or actually realizing how much he can help out. At times, Ruby can be competitive, or have her judgement momentarily distracted or clouded by certain things.

She currently attends and signs up for Bunny Scouts which involves activities that uses knowledge and motion. Her goal in Bunny Scouts is to earn every merit badge to fulfill her main goals in life such as bird watching, being a good hostess, and baking delicious things. She also shows to excel in many things; like selling items, making things, and trying new sports or tricks.


Ruby has white fur and black eyes with long gray whiskers. In Seasons 1–2, she wears a purple blouse with a yellow dress on top of it, adorned with green and orange flowers. In Seasons 3–5, she wears a dark pink dress on top of a light pink shirt with daisies on it. And in Seasons 6–7, she wears a pink dress with light blue polka dots covered by a lavender cardigan sweater.


Ruby has appeared in every episode of Max & Ruby. Her first appearance was in the pilot episode.

Voice Actresses

  • Katie Griffin / Samantha Morton (seasons 1-2; 2002–2005)
  • Rebecca Peters (seasons 3–5; 2006–2015)
  • Lana Carillo (seasons 6–7; 2016–2019)
  • Chiara Zanni


  • She owns several dolls including Curly Shirley, Rapunzel, Sally Swims a Lot, Pinocchio, Tooth Fairy, Mr. and Mrs. Quack, and several others.
    • She seems to favor Curly Shirley.
    • The Pig That she have is very simller to The old Pig From the 1950 film Animal Farm
  • Ruby likes Seashells, Peppermint, and Gold Ribbons as mentioned in "Max's Valentine".
  • Samantha Morton also voiced Bonnie Gaucher Bear in bfmsb


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